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Booking a European removal with MuveOne is as simple as booking flights online. Here's how:

  • Visit and request a quote.
  • You will receive an email with three quotes immediately after your request.
  • To book your move, review the email with MuveOne quotes and click on the option that suits your move.
  • You will be guided through the booking process by the website.

Absolutely! After completing the online booking process, you will be asked to pay the booking deposit, typically around 25% of the total service price. The remaining balance must be paid online by card no later than the day of collection.

MuveOne provides quotes for only 5, 10, 15, and 30 cubic metres. For moves larger than 30 cubic metres, please contact MuveOne customer services.

Indeed, we provide weekend collections from customers in all countries listed, with the exception of Switzerland and Norway.

Once you have completed your booking, we will email you the Insurance Form. You need to fill in this MS Excel form, stating all the items you will be moving and their values, and send it back to us. In case of any incidents during the journey, the insurer will refer to this list to determine the value of your loss.

Unfortunately, you can only use the amount of space you ordered. Our standard vans have a total capacity of 20 cubic metres, but we allow customers to utilize only up to 15 cubic metres. This restriction is in place to ensure the van does not exceed the weight limit of 1200kg and remains safe for travel.

It is the customer's responsibility to prepare all goods for removal. We kindly request that you securely pack and protect your items before the driver arrives.

Absolutely! Your goods are insured with Goods in Transit insurance for up to £20,275. In the event of any unforeseen incidents during transportation, such as a ferry sinking or a motorway accident, you can make a claim to recover the loss.

We understand the importance of the safe delivery of your items. You have the option to purchase Heavy Duty Shrink Wrap and Furniture Removal Protective Blankets from an online or nearest shop. Using these, you can carefully wrap and pack your household items, significantly reducing the risk of damage.

MuveOne specializes in residential removals and exclusively carries household appliances, furniture, personal effects, and other household items. However, there are certain items that cannot be transported since Brexit. You cannot transport:

  • Perishable food items such as fish, meat, milk, or dairy products.
  • Live plants, whether potted or unpotted.
  • Refrigerated or frozen food or beverages.
  • animals, along with their cages or tanks, such as pets, birds, or fish.
  • Jewellery, watches, trinkets, precious stones, money, deeds, securities, stamps, coins, or similar valuable collections.
  • Potentially dangerous, damaging, or explosive items.
  • Goods are likely to encourage vermin, pests, or cause infection.
  • Cars, boats, and caravans.
  • Furs, perfumery, food items, or perishable goods.
  • Goods that exceed the designated space in the vehicle for your items.

Additionally, the following goods are not exempt from import VAT or any other fees:

  • Alcoholic beverages, tobacco, or tobacco products.
  • Commercial means of transport.
  • Except for portable instruments of the applied or liberal arts, this category encompasses articles intended for use in the exercise of a trade or profession.

You can conveniently pay for your removal in advance using your credit or debit card on our website. We accept MasterCard, Visa, Amex, Maestro, and JCB cards. All the services and products you order from MuveOne will be billed through two or three invoices. You will receive one invoice for your booking deposit, one for the remaining balance, and one for the packaging materials (if you order them from us).

MuveOne offers options to book 5, 10, 15, or 30 cubic metres of space in the van(s). If you book a full van (15 or 30 cubic metres), you have complete control over the day and time of collection. For cost-saving purposes, you can book a partial space in the van (5 or 10 cubic metres), which significantly reduces the price. However, in such cases, you need to be flexible with the collection date. When booking 5 or 10 cubic metres, during the checkout process, you select the latest day of collection. We are then obliged to load your items on that day or up to two days before the chosen date.

For example, if you are moving 5 cubic metres from London to Paris and your preferred collection date is the 16th of January, you should have your belongings ready for collection from the 14th of January. We will contact you at least 8 hours before the collection and deliver your items no later than 3 days after collection.

MuveOne offers competitive prices because we provide space in the van and a helpful driver. Additionally, we maintain an extensive network of vans across the European Union, ensuring our vehicles never travel empty and waste diesel.

The driver can help you with the following:

  • Loading and unloading heavy furniture and boxes
  • Organizing the loading space in the van efficiently
  • Ensuring the safe loading of all items
  • Assisting with basic documentation, such as the CMR form

Once you book our service, we will inform you about the estimated duration of the removal and provide you with the delivery date, typically within the next day or 48 hours after loading. Additionally, we will call you at least two hours prior to the van's arrival at your new address in Europe to provide you with the exact arrival time.

To obtain a quote, please follow these steps:

  • Estimate the cubic capacity and aggregated weight of all the items to be moved. Visit our website and complete the online quotation form to receive an instant quote via email.

Our online payment facility is provided by Stripe, which is known as one of the safest global payment services in the world.

Similar to booking flights, you will be required to make the payment for your order at the time of booking our services online. You have the option to either pay a small booking deposit or the full amount in advance.

Unlike many other companies, MuveOne does not charge extra when you pay using a credit card. The price you pay remains the same whether you choose to pay by credit or debit card.

Yes, there is an additional charge of £12 (or €14) per half an hour for the driver's assistance with loading and unloading. After unloading, you will receive an email with the precise calculation of the driver's help duration, along with a link to make the payment for the driver's assistance.

There are several documents that are generally required for all removals, including:

For more specific information on the required paperwork for your destination country, please refer to the removal service page dedicated to that country. You can choose your destination from the menu on our website.

Unfortunately, we currently only operate within the European Union, Switzerland, and Norway. We do not offer removal services to Australia.

Yes, we provide collection services seven days a week, including weekends.

Customers are responsible for arranging suitable parking. It is important to ensure that the van can park in close proximity to the loading or unloading location. The distance between our vehicle and the building's entrance should not exceed 20 metres (66 feet) to facilitate the smooth removal process.

The following services are not provided as part of our standard offering:

  • Packing and preparing your household for the removal
  • Storage for your items
  • Handling essential paperwork for your move to the EU, Switzerland, or Norway, except for providing you with a list of required documents, a blank insurance form to be filled in, and a CMR form
  • Dismantling of fittings and furniture items
  • Disconnection or the reconnection of appliances, fittings, or equipment
  • Removal or laying of fitted floor coverings
  • The task of removing or reinstalling curtains, blinds, or other window coverings

Typically, our service includes:

  • Goods in Transit insurance with coverage up to £20,275 per van
  • Transportation from the starting point to the destination
  • Assistance with customs procedures
  • Support from our UK-based call center
  • European motorway fees, road tax, toll fees, and ferry fees
  • VAT
  • Fuel expenses

Yes, The quoted price already includes VAT. For removals to the United Kingdom, the quotes already include 20% British VAT. For other removals, there is a 0% VAT rate applied.

Absolutely! We offer services to and from any location within the European Union, Switzerland, and Norway, so we can definitely help you with your move from Thurso to Pozzallo.

If your paperwork is questioned by customs at the border, you will be required to come to the border and provide the necessary documentation to satisfy the customs officer. Therefore, it is crucial to take extra care when filling out your documents to minimize the possibility of any issues.

In such a scenario, we will weigh the vehicle when boarding the ferry. If it turns out that the driver was correct and the vehicle is overloaded, we will arrange for another vehicle to transfer the excess load. You will be charged at a rate of 80p per kilometer driven by the additional vehicle. It's important to note that the legal weight limit for vans in Europe is 3500 kg.

The driver, based on experience and by observing the level of the vehicle suspension during the loading process, can estimate the weight of all the items loaded onto the van. If the suspension level reaches the vehicle's loading capacity limit, the driver will request that you refrain from loading additional items.

The total cubic capacity of our van is 20 cubic metres. One-quarter of that capacity is equivalent to five cubic metres. We load all your items into the van and use a tape measure to calculate their total volume.

The total weight of an empty vehicle is 2300 kg. We weigh the loaded vehicle when boarding the ferry to France and subtract the weight of the empty vehicle from the total weight of the loaded vehicle. For example: Loaded vehicle = 3500 kg - Empty vehicle = 2300 kg = Weight of cargo 1200 kg

The weight limit for all EU countries is set at 1200 kg for a 15m3 load. However, there are three exceptions to this rule for Norway, Austria, and Switzerland. The weight limits for a cargo load of 15m3 are as follows:

  • Norway: 900 kg
  • Switzerland: 900 kg
  • Austria: 1000 kg

Absolutely! We are happy to assist with your move even if you are not a citizen of the UK, EU, Switzerland, or Norway. However, before ordering our services, we recommend contacting the consulates of the country you plan to move to for information regarding their customs and immigration policies.

In such a situation, we will transport all of your belongings back to our London hub in the UK, where they will be securely stored. You will be billed for the return journey, which will be the same as the initial quote for the outbound journey. Additionally, you will incur charges for the storage and labour required to unload the vehicle into storage, at a rate of £50 per hour. The specific storage fees can be found at

If you ordered five cubic metres of space (300 kg) and find that it is not enough, please note that the driver can only transport the amount agreed upon prior to the removal date. Therefore, the driver will not be able to accommodate more than the allocated space, whether it's five cubic metres or a larger quote.

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